Piano AdventuresSeries:Nancy Faber Piano Level: 1

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The 2nd Edition Level 1 Lesson Book introduces all the notes of the grand staff, elementary chord playing, and the concept of tonic and dominant notes. Students play in varied positions, reinforcing reading skills and recognizing intervals through the 5th. Musicianship is built with the introduction of legato and staccato touches. This level continues the interval orientation to reading across the full range of the Grand Staff. The 5-finger approach is presented here in a fresh, musically appealing way. Song List: -Alarm Clock -Au Clair de la Lune (By the Light of the Moon) -Bongo Drummers -Boogie on Broadway -Boy on a Bicycle -C Chord March -Classic Dance -Dinosaur Stomp -Ferris Wheel -Firefly -Forest Drums -Girl on a Bicycle -Grumpy Old Troll -Half-Time Show -The Juggler -Jazzy Joe -Jumbo's Lullaby -Kite In the Sky -LIGHTLY ROW -Legato Skips -Legato Steps -Li'l Liza Jane -MY PONY -Magnetic March -Merlin the Wizard -Mexican Jumping Beans -No Moon Tonight -Paper Airplane -Party Song -Playful Porpoise -RAIN FOREST -Row, Row, Row Your Boat -Runaway Rabbit -Russian Sailor Dance -Sailing In the Sun -Scarf Dance -Shepherd's Song (from the Sixth Symphony) -Skipping in Space -Sneaking Past the Sleeping Dog -Soaring Eagle -Song for a Scarecrow -Tap Dancing -The Bubble -The Haunted Mouse -The Lonely Pine -The Super Secret Agent -The Talking Tuba -Two-Note March -WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN -Warm-Up in G -Young Hunter

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