Piano Adventures Level 1 - Technique & Artistry Book - 2nd Edition

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The 2nd Edition of this ground-breaking book integrates of technique and artistry, giving students the tools for expressive performance. Four effective “Technique Secrets” open the book, followed by engaging technical exercises. The “Artistry Magic” pieces at the end of each unit promote expressive, pianistic playing for the Level 1 student. Song List: -Baseball Game -Bat Radar (for LH) -Bat Radar (for RH) -Busy Machine -CAROUSEL -Chord Cakewalk -Floating Balloon -Gymnastics -Hiking on a New Path -Journey by Camel -Kaleidoscope Colors -Keyboard Trick! -Legend of the Buffalo -Magic Doorbells -Mouse on a Trampoline -Ostrich Walk -Peacock Strut -Pop! Pop! Popcorn! -Prehistoric Rock -Racing Bikes -Rock Climbing -Roses Are Red -Sidewalk Game -Smooth Take Off (for RH alone) -Smooth take Off (for LH alone) -Soccer Victory -Sticky Fingers (Legato steps for RH) -Sticky Fingers (Legato steps for LH) -The Wild Colt -This 1 is 4 You! (for RH) -This 1 is 4 You, 2! (for LH) -Tom Cat Howl -Trading Baseball Cards -Tree House -Waves Rolling In

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