Faber Piano Adventures Level 3B - Lesson Book

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The 2nd Edition of the Level 3B Lesson Book is a fresh, dynamic update for early-intermediate students. This is the level of contrasts: fast fingerwork contrasted with sonorous tonal colors, and traditional harmonies mingled with contemporary sounds. Compositions from Dvorak, Rebikov, and Liszt are included along with new Faber originals. Song List: -ANDANTE -Fiesta Espana -GAVOTTE -HUMORESQUE -Highland Jig -House of the Rising Sun -MINUET IN F -Pachelbel Canon -Phantom of the Keys -Rage Over a Lost Penny (adapted from Op. 129) -Rhythm Puzzle -SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT -Tropical Island -Westminster Chimes -SNOWFALL -TUM-BALALAIKA -SEA CHANTEY

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