Faber Piano Adventures Level 3A - Technique & Artistry Book

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The Level 3A Technique & Artistry Book combines two essential elements of pianism – technical skill and artistic performance. This smooth, integrated approach builds basic elements of piano technique, always directed toward an artistic goal. Four effective “Technique Secrets” focus on nuanced gestures of the hand and wrist, as well as pedaling. Targeted exercises and etudes lead to expressive, musical performance of the Artistry Magic pieces. Song List: -5-Note Scoops -8-Note Scoops -Arpeggio Power (for RH) -Arpeggio Power (for LH) -Ballpark Swing -Bittersweet Blues -Canyon Echo (for LH alone) -Chariot Race (A Minor) -Chord Waltz -Chromatic Crawls I -Chromatic Crawls II (for RH) -Chromatic Fun -Double Round-Offs -Eagle on the Wind -Grand Canyon Chords -Iceberg Ahead -Nine Lives of the Cat -Olympic Torch -Portrait of a Scale -Rotation Dance -Rotation Station -Scale Leader -Scale Monster -Snowy River -The Back-Up Singers -The Kentucky Derby -The Waltz Bass (for LH) -Triplet Fever -Tropical Fish -Wrists, Take a Bow! -Yellow Moon on a Misty Lagoon -THE HAMMOCK

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