Audio Technica PRO 8HEcW Headworn Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone

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The Audio Technica PRO 8HEcW is a dynamic headset microphone with a hypercardioid polar pattern. It does an excellent job of rejecting signals that are not nearby the mic element. The headband is worn around the back of the head with each cushioned support pad resting on the temple in front of the ear. The assembly may be oriented so that the microphone descends from either the left or right side. The cable remains clipped to the headband, with some slack at the boom connection. This makes for an ergonomically sound configuration for vigorous exercise instructors, animated business presenters or hyperactive auctioneers. It is also viable for singing drummers and other vocalists who need their hands to be free.Includes: -55" cable terminated for use with Audio-Technica UniPak body-pack transmitters -Wind Screen

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